Pre-School already!!!

Wow, I can’t believe this is really happening.  You started pre-school already!  It wasn’t an easy decision to make.  It seemed to early, based on when your sister Sofia started pre-school at age 3.  The first couple of weeks where hard on you.  You didn’t like it very much, at least that’s what papa thought and since you cried so much every morning after he drooped you off at Kingdom Kidz.  We almost pulled you out, but after praying about it, giving it more time, and asking your teacher about your progress, we, along with your sister Sofia (who insisted on leaving you in pre-school with her) decided to continue taking you.

Well, it paid off.  After a almost a month of uncertainty, you seem to like it now.  You don’t cry anymore when papa drops you off, and your teachers say that you get along with everyone and love to dance and play with others.  You and your sister Sofia play during brake and I believe that this is actually good for you.

I’m glad to see you have also improve in other areas such as naps.  You are now consistent in taking a nap everyday from 1 to 3ish.  I have also notice that you are not as attach to me when I have to leave you with Maria (our formal daycare) or with our other babysitters.  You seem to have realized that mama and papa love you and that will always comeback for you.

Now there’s another battle ahead of me to win, potty training!!  I can’t wait for you to stop peeing on the carpet and what’s worst pooping too!  You have shown us that you are aware of your necessity to pee and poop by either removing your dipper right after you go or by removing it before and watching yourself go.  I personally prefer the later.  This is going to be fun!!!! (not)

Please God, give me Patience and wisdom to face this battle!!!! amen.

P.S.  I love you so much and you are such a handsome and sweet boy, please learn how to potty train soon.


First Word – Gak Goo (Thank You)

tvwithpapaThis past week or so, you’ve been saying your first words, “thank you.” We think you understand it – although you may just associate it with the exchange of items.

You have what appears to be a viral fever, and you were up every 90 minutes last night. Papa tended to you, since mama is pregnant, sleepy, and often nauseaus. You were hot, and I gave you ibuprofen.

I haven’t blogged for you in a while, but at 14 months or so, you’ve made some other advances. You nod (vigorously) when you like something or when you want something (“Do you want this?” Nod nod nod). Very cute.


Shake that Head Boy!

Danielito, we love you!  Your laugh is infectious, and you are a little moose!  You’ve got big arms, legs, and hands, and are as sweet as can be.

Today, you took the next step in growing up, and your smile looks a little more mature.  You’ve been making noise for weeks, and we think you are singing, but we do know that you are communicating, and we love to say “ahh” (rhymes with bat) back and forth with you.  But today, you mimicked us shaking our heads back and forth in a “no” motion.   Cute cute cute.