Photos at 7 Months

Here you are playing with your sister.  Fun in the tunnel!



This past weekend, just after we returned from Thanksgiving in Fort Mill with Marc et al., you started crawling.  Not that fast or that far, but you are definitely mobile.  No more napping on the bed for you, you’ll have to be restrained in the crib!

You also got your two top front teeth in, which brings you to four.  Each day you get cuter and we love you more.  I personally can’t wait for you to get about 10 months older so you can start talking, what fun!

Our last night in Fort Mill, you awoke crying in a way that really scared us.  You were wheezing and crying, and momma panicked a little, saying "Danielito!" over and over as if trying to awake you from a bad dream or seizure.  I woke Marc and Angela up (2AM), and we all talked about whether or not to take you to the emergency room.  Marc had seen this before, and since you were able to calm down and nurse, we figured it was just a viral thing that you probably caught from Zanis.

You have been getting better over the past few days, but you gave it to your papa, and I am home from work for a few days while I recover.