Moved to your own toddler bed

Alina was just born this past week, and you are reacting fine.  We thought you would be more jealous, but you look at Alina with wonder and you try to touch her gently (though once in a while that strange thought enters your head to bonk her and see what happens).  You make your "meow" noise when trying to talk to her (you say "nah?").

Momma got you your cachow sheets (Cars) and rearranged your room so that your toddler bed (which Papa pulled from in front of someone’s house during spring cleanup 😉 was where your crib was.  She left the crib in the room.  But for Christmas day, Joannie and Al came over, and when it was time for you to nap, Joannie took you upstairs, and had no idea that you had not moved to your new bed yet.  But you climbed right in, and slept like a big boy!

So now you sleep there, and you can get up all by yourself.  You are so cute at 2AM when you show up in our room.  Papa picks you up, and we go downstairs to get some fresh apple juice in your "bebe."  Then we go back up, and you stay in your bed until morning.  You’re a good boy, and when you are tired, you stay in your bed without a problem.  Awesome!

One more thing.  You love to play your version of peekaboo with Papa every time you go down to sleep.  You have your bebe in your right hand, and while you are nursing that bottle, you cover your eyes with your left hand.  Papa pretends like he doesn’t see you, saying "where’s Danielito?"  When you uncover your eyes, I act surprised, and say "there he is!"  We do this 6 to 10 times before Papa wears out and strokes your hair, tells you Papa loves you, kisses your head, and gets up to leave and let you sleep.