First Birthday

Today, we spent your birthday in San Francisco, getting passports for you and Sofia for our trip to Puerto Vallarta next week.  It was a little frustrating waiting in lines, and not getting your naps at the right time, but you did your best.

Today, I carried you on my back, and you fell asleep (picture above).

Walking:  Two weeks ago, you started to walk.  You are still hesitant, and fall a good bit, but you’re a trooper.  We love watching you walk – because we love YOU.  There are so many things I want to record.

Screaming:  You are not a patient boy.  When you are unhappy, or want something, you often scream, which we are trying to discourage, but haven’t figured out how yet.  Today in the car, you and Sofia and I were waiting for Mama to get the passports, and you screamed because you wanted attention.  So I tried something new.  I screamed back, pretty loudly.  You enjoyed that, and so did Sofia.  I tried a couple of different vocalizations, starting with the angry RRRRAH!, and finally settling on the easier and more fun, but just as loud WHOOO!  This made Sofia laugh, and so for a minute or so we all traded screams, while Sofia laughed her head off.

Biting:  You also have a tendency to bite.  In fact, you bit your own wrist pretty nicely today – no blood, but nice teeth marks and redness.  You’ve bitten my stomach, arm, or whatever you can a few times, it hurts!  I keep my fingers away from your mouth!

Eating:  Anyway, we ate at Chevy’s down by the Moscone Center today, the food was good, and you had fun smashing tortilla chips, eating fruit (you LOVE oranges), and drinking my iced tea.  You’ve been drinking through a straw for a couple of weeks too.

You’re not talking yet, but that’s fine.  Sofia didn’t say a real word until 14 months, and you’re a boy, so you may even take longer.  However, you are curious, tougher, and more mobile than Sofia.

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