Cute Laughing Boy

You’ve been laughing for a few weeks now, and just this week, you started responding to peekaboo.  Just like Sofia, you are soooo cute!  We love looking at you, and we love making you laugh.  You also like to vocalize by doing a sort of extended yell, and you make a face like you’re concentrating.  You have an intense gaze that makes you look serious and smart (like your papa ;).

My favorite game is in the evenings, when I am changing your diaper on the bed, before mama takes you to breastfeed and put you to bed.  When you are just in your new diaper, with your chest bared, I take off my glasses and slowly move my face down towards yours, looking at you mischeiviously.  You smile a little knowing something is coming.  I then put my mouth over one of your pectoral muscles and gum you while making a "ar ar ar" noise like I’m eating.  You put your head back and laugh, with your big toothless mouth wide open and your eyes squeezed shut.  Then I do the same maneuver on your neck. 

You’re a joy, so much fun, but so different than your sister.  Noisier, more energetic, more demanding!  We love you boy!

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